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Unofficial site of Guerville (78)
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In 1996 at the end of its editorial the mayor at this time Mr Boulanger wrote this: "I hope that everyone understands that GUERVILLE and hamlets are what will help us to build: welcome people with ideas and want invest.   

At web time, be forced to move before a scoreboard to know if only the date of the next city council seems a pity.

GUERVILLE course was to develop a site. The person in charge of communications for mayor found the task too cumbersome for the time and lack of administrative staff for updates.

So I asked my friend Thierry DUMONTEIL (which is the passion) to build together this site is intended GUERVILLE dedicated to bringing together all the information on the life of the village and hamlets.

The archives, projects, current and future achievements, municipal newsletters, minutes of meetings, and also the mayor.  

The city council is considering the implementation of a site "OFFICIAL" for direct links with different structures evolving towards online registration but requiring access to the municipal system with secure access. GUERVILLOIS could rejoice.

Once the official site is operational we will will create a direct link and stop the publication of the "TOWN HALL" correspondent.

Meanwhile, THE CITY HALL gives us the minutes of the councils and we glean information and you will also find classified ads, sales, rentals, requests or offers of employment, services, merchants and businesses, with direct links to administrative agencies, associations.

Thanks to you it only asks to evolve, your active participation is desired.

By making up your data, your feelings, your desires, your fears, your disappointments and your compliments on GUERVILLE AND HAMLETS LIFE.

This site, your site should become the hub of GUERVILLOIS information.

Only constraint being totally apolitical and without bias.

Good surfing on  


Alain Muret

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